Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My new life rocks!

Hello readers! As I have told you before that I finished my Diploma already, so I have lots of free time. I have applied for few places. Sidewalk Cafe, Basaga Hotel Residences, etc. I even tried to apply back at Starbucks. Unfortunately, they said that they cannot hire ex-partners anymore. :'( Yes, I was sad and disappointed. However, I am more motivated this time. Hence, I apply other places too.

So, yeah. Last two days, I have been accepted as a full-time waitress at Sidewalk Cafe. The place is quite far from my house but I do not concern about that. As long as I am working now, that would be fine for me. Working as the waitress is not that tiring during weekdays. More free time to take a sip of Ice Lemon Tea, the one that prepared by my boss Auntie Jess. Oh! Before I forget, I have four bosses now. All Chinese and they love to talk to me about the menu, tell me what I should do, tell me what to suggest to customer as most of them are those who comes from rich and all the taukeh2 people dine in the cafe. I have no problem working with Chinese because they are not that stingy when it comes to sharing knowledge and experiences! Except for I will be having trouble because I don't know how to speak Mandarin. Gahhh! I really need to learn how to speak Mandarin. Hehehe, but anyway it was nice serving people with different races and languages. Even the Japanese and European also come to our cafe, I tell you. *proud of myself*

Sidewalk Cafe serves alcohol drinks, ice blended and also normal beverages. We serve variety of choices of Western Food like pastas, steaks, lamb chop and I must admit all of them taste marvelous! I would love to recommend Rib Eye Ragout and T-bone Steak! T-bone Steak come with three choices of sauce; mushroom sauce, brown sauce and black pepper. Customer usually order mushroom sauce together with their steak. One of my bosses which I would refer as Kitchen Boss called Joely cooked them with passion and he will monitor the kitchen helper while they decorate your favorite meal! So, no worries yeah?

I got many benefits as I work here which that will be my secret. Kahkah. *evil laugh* Well, there will be one. My family will get 10% discounts if they eat here! :D Yeayyyy! Was planning of bringing mummy and daddy to eat here someday. :) Anak baik kan? Hehehehe.

I think I should go to sleep now. I need to work tomorrow before my off-day this Wednesday! Yeayyyyy! Can sleep all day! Oh yeah! I got another job interview as the receptionist this Wednesday morning. So, wish me good luck! I need all the prayers. Hehehe. :P

Good night peeps!


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Days in Holiday.

Final presentation done, Final exams done. So, I guess now it's holiday. Soon, I'll be graduating. Four months of holiday totally torturing me. Perhaps, writing should be one of the options how to fulfill my leisure time. Working is another options too. :)

I have been sick too. Fever for few days then diarrhea some more. Urgh. Things will get better aren't they? Thank God, now I am totally fine. I can go back to writing, playing games and etc.

I should better think of what I should do next. Part time jobs? Here I come! :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pia Toscano- This Time

Well I'm mad as hellI ain't gon' take it no moreMy bag is packed at the back of your door'Cause I don't know who I am no moreYou won the battle but you lost the warI've been in denial, now I'm living the truthBeen down for a while, now I'm standing up to you

This time, this time I'm gonna do it my wayThis time, I'm finding out the hard wayThis time, I'm gonna go back to the girl I was on the night you found meNo more, closing back the real meJust wait, in a minute you'll seeThis time, just in time, it's my timeGetting back to the real me

Don't try to stop me with the words you say'Cause I'm sick and tired of the games you playI'm gonna free myself, gonna make a changeAnd like a butterfly, I'mma spread my wingsBeen crying for too long, now I'm drying my eyesGrounded for so long, now it's time for me to fly

This time, this time I'm gonna do it my wayThis time, I'm finding out the hard wayThis time, I'm gonna go back to the girl I was on the night you found meNo more, closing back the real meJust wait, in a minute you'll seeThis time, it's time, it's my timeGetting back to the real me

I'm mad as hellI can't take it no moreMy bag is packed at the back of your door

I promise you, this time!

This time, I'm gonna do it my wayThis time, I'm finding out the hard wayThis time, I'm gonna go back to the girl I was on the night you found meNo more, closing back the real meJust wait, in a minute you'll seeThis time, it's time, it's my timeGetting back to the real me
I'm mad as hell I can't take it no more

Monday, January 23, 2012

New Year dah lama lepas.

Tapi aku masih macam ni jugak. tak gerak pergi mana2 pun. aku malas. malas yang sangat2 sampai nak mandi, gosok gigi pun aku malas. semua benda macam bercampur, mixed up dengan aku punya pms yang entah apa2 sekarang nih. rasa nak mengamuk pun ada jugak. tapi bila terkenangkan orang lain, aku jadi lemah. perasaan orang lain tu penting. lagi penting dari apa yang aku rasa sekarang ni. 

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Being In a Relationship is hard at times.

Sometimes, there will be times where you feel like you want to start sailing solo again. But somehow, you don't want to hurt the one that you love, you care so much. Sometimes when you wanna be yourself, there will be someone (at times) will try to control your life. Trust me, I've had that feelings before. It's a bit stressful, really. Especially when you are a person who keeps on thinking about how your future gonna be. It would be harder if you are a kind of person who's a bit laid back and prioritize your solo life (careers and such) and also if you are having a heavy crush on someone else. Stressful, init? Tell me about it.

There's a friend of mine who are having a hard situation I would say. Where A is in love with B. But B is in a relationship with C. The issue is that B doesn't want to give up on both. Anyhow, B has to stop being greedy and hurt both feelings. Though B tried so hard to stop with either one, it's hard ; that's what B told me recently. I've this kind of issue long time ago. And it was not that easy to settle it. Being in a relationship is hard, I would say.

Even me myself, sometimes have issues with myself. I would never ever blame people around me. But never I expect or this kind of situation would hit my own friend. Being in a relationship really trigger your heart but at the same time hurting your own feelings. Questions are always there, but to find a good relevant, acceptable answers are hard. Damn hard.

Sometimes, I personally feel that I don't have anymore privacy. People will start talking if I do this and that. Okay, back to my friend's story. B is kinda important issue now. I know I should not think about it, but reality check we are human. We have feelings. What if we love someone else when we are in a relationship? What if I have a heavy crush but at the same time I don't want a break up with my current boyfriend? God, this could be very stressful mannn. Cupid's Chokehold-Gym Class Heroes is a good song to listen to now.

Why is it so hard to find the answers? Can just anyone tell me why? 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

1/2 pack in less than 3 hours.

to those who really understand the situation and my vulnerable condition at the moment will smile and say "that's normal for us". this situation also applies when tengah lepak. kejap je dah habis kan? haishhhh. 

Monday, October 3, 2011

things in the opposite way

tell me what do you need in relationship to make it alive? tell me.

Give herself room to grow.

Don't get mad at her when she's down.
She chose you because she knows you can handle her.

Don't get mad at her if she's falling
Lend her hands for she really needs them.

Don't accuse her for something she did not do
She learnt from her previous mistakes.

Don't blame her for the tears that falling
She is giving herself room to grow
She is going through the phase
Give her the courage instead.

For she will appreciate everything you do for her with her honest smile.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A little bit of CONFUSION may lead to LOTSA PROBLEMS DUDEEE

keliru. itulah sebenarnya ungkapan yang sesuai untuk aku labelkan kau. kau keliru sebenarnya. kau kata kau sayangkan gadis yang telah berpunya itu. kau kata kau rindukan dia andai dia menyepi. tidur tak lena sampai termimpi-mimpi, makan sampai kenyang pun tak mampu nak puaskan hati kau. rindu yang hadir dalan diri kau kononnya yang kau simpan sekian lamanya sudah tak tertahan kau luahkan juga.

pernah tak kau terfikir betapa banyak masalah akan wujud sekiranya kau pentingkan diri kau wahai lelaki. dia gadis yang sudah berpunya. yang perasaannya hati jiwanya untuk seorang insan lain. pernahkah kau terfikir tentang hati dan perasaan gadis itu? tersepit dalam dilema akibat perbuatan kau yang entah apa-apa pada pandangan matanya. dia tersepit dalam kasih jujur seorang sahabat jua kekeliruan perasaan kau.

kau sendiri mengakui bahawa dia telah berpunya, justeru kenapa masih kau tunggu? kenapa masih kau terkejar-kejar? SHE, in other hand is in a relationship with her one and only boyfriend. but ever you think of the problems you created will drown her as well? Dude, please wake up. She has her own life that need to be worried of.

so, please. just please. leave her alone Mr.B. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sunblocks, sea breeze, early drive and beach!

Last Friday I believe my friends and  I did the best thing ever. This semester is gonna be the last semester for my friends so yeah we planned to spend a night together so this is basically what we did.

  • hang out. live bands
  • did not sleep for the whole night
  • smokes and fumes
  • playing cards
  • 20 minutes nap
  • early drive in the morning
  • sea breeze
  • swimming pool
  • maximum tiredness achieved

Not much pictures are taken though. Memories are sealed inside each of every pictures. SERIOUSLY I'm gonna be hell missing them! Gah. Kiki who are always there for me unconditionally. So, cut everything short here are the pictures~


The best part is, no regrets at all. I used to have regrets when it comes to chopping of my hair but now, no more! :D

So yeah chopped off my hair without any regrets! And I'm loving it! :D

Monday, September 26, 2011

Procrastination Sucks!

SERIOUS PROCRASTINATION SUCKS! please, sila jangan ulang macam apa yang aku dah lakukan sebelum ni. sakit tau tak? sangat tak terperi. ni baru siapkan reports for Internship. belum lagi kerja jadi QS karang. Lagi sakit. haih!.

We actually need to prepare 3 reports during our internship training, trust me it's not that eassy to complete 3 reports in less than 4 days. dayum hard i tell you.

Bukannya kita orang tak start dari dulu buat researches. tapi tu la penyakit M tu datang sekali dgn procrastination. tu pasal la jadi macam ni. serves you right Shana! and you too Faiz! padan mukaaaa.. nasib baik sempat siap on time. fuhhh! sampai OT kita orang wooo...

the next day kena belasah jugak dengan lecturers tercinta ni. atoyaiii. *face palm sekali dengan headdesk aku buat* dah la report boleh lak tertinggal dekat rumah. giler gelabah. huhu. nasib baik semuanya okay. Alhamdulillah.

the best part is bila senior QS firm ktorg bgtau yang diorang bagi marks tinggi kat kitaorang. best woh! Allah je tahu macam mana feeling aku masa tu. Just sekarang ni aku gelabah jugak, risau jugak macam biasa tapi sebab lain pulak, sebab markah. huargh,..stress weihh.. hopefully semuanya okay la lepas ni. Aminnnn =)

p/s: good luck for people yang duduk exam. good luck also to those yang tengah tunggu result for reports :)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya U'ollss

Kalau buat ucapan individually bukannya orang baca pun kan? ngeh ngeh so, should i or should not?

Friday, August 26, 2011

aku sentap kalau kau tak faham.

susah betul nak jaga hati dan perasaan orang ni kan? aku sentap kalau kau tak faham. aku sedih. air mata mengalir terus lepas aku baca comment kau. and maafkan aku, aku remove post tu sebab aku bukan manusia yang suka orang baca comment kau dgn aku kalau gaduh-gaduh. aku tau aku cukup immature. aku remove benda tu sebab aku jaga air muka kau. orang boleh predict aku gaduh dengan kau, kau marah kat aku ke apa ke pasal benda tu. aku tak kata kau tak grateful. sikit pun takde niat nak kata benda-benda macam tu. cuma, benda-benda macam ni aku rasa kalau nak gurau pun salah timing. betul-betul salah timing. kang kalau aku tak explain, apa lak fikir kawan kau? nak fikir pasal perasaan kau je sekarang eh? tak ingat apa janji kita? plus, we agreed earlier on benda-benda yang boleh bawak gurau macam mane. remember, the scene in the car?

aku tak marah kat kau, malah aku rasa kau yang marah kat aku sekarang. pasal apa pun aku tak tau.

*sentap. duduk dekat sudut nanges sorang2* 

Yeay! Tak lama lagi raya!

Ramadhan bakal meninggalkan kita lagi dua tiga hari. Setakat ini, aku rasa ramai yang dah mula kemas-kemas rumah, siapkan apa yang patut. Kek dan biskut dah ada kat dalam kitchen cabinet. Baju kurung, baju melayu berpasang-pasang dalam closet. Kasut raya pun dah beli. Semangat ye korang? Tamau tanya aku ke?

Cake and cookies
ni benda yang aku paling expert. I love baking so much tapi tu la kan penyakit 'M' tu sentiasa ada. Bukannya dugaan di bulan puasa ni. Ni nafsu malas menjelma. Tahun ini aku dapat contract buat cookies and cheese cakes je. Ada tiga empat lima jenis aku dah siapkan. Hurm. I'm pretty sure that most of the people in Kuching will served layered cakes masa raya macam ni. Al-maklumlah, benda fofular kat sini kan? Heeee~~ Mummy pun non-stop baking ni kalau ada kat rumah. Kalau terlelap lepas berbuka, terjaga je aku hidu bau manis. Bau kek lapis! hehehe. Oh, btw Choc chip cookies and Kek Lapis India dah sampai dengan selamatnya kat rumah Pak Cik Tiger. Katanya, cookies tu dia baham masa tengah online. Bila aku tanya "sheeedddaaaappp taakkk?" dia kata "ssheeeddaaapp..da bomb" fuh! *bangga ni aku*

Langsir and ruang tamu. Bilik tak terkecuali.
Ni makeover yang paling buat aku pening. Ada je idea nak tukar position furniture tu..tapi, letihla nak heret sofa sorang-sorang. ada adik sebok dengan benda lain plak. Haish! Orang lain shopping untuk ruang tamu, aku shopping untuk bilik. Bed sheet baru wooo.. hehehe :P jangan tanya kenapa tiba-tiba aku beli. Bukan sebab raya okay?

Skill aku bertambah! 
Aku sekarang tengah praktikal. Yela, budak tak berapa pandai kan? Sebab tu la, lambat sikit ni,. Takpe, ayah kata pelan-pelan. Tapi, skill satu yang agak special ni aku belajar dekat QS firm ni. Heeee~ AKU DAH PANDAI ANYAM KETUPAT!! woot woot! walaupun ambil masa setengah hari genap aku siapkan 2 bijik ketupat ribbon buat hiasan dalam office tapi aku bangga okay? Korang smirking? takpe. aku pandai da sekarang. da boleh anyam ketupat dah. merasa la ketupat shana anyam ye tahun ni. hehehe

Raya tahun ni sunyiiiiiiii *sayu*
Arwah nenek da meninggalkan kita orang few months now. Tanggal 30 May lepas, nenek kesayangan meninggalkan kita orang. First day praktikal aku lak tu. *sayu* Jangan tanya aku sedih ke tak. Aku rapat dengan arwah. Tahun ni sunyi. Dah tak merasa pajeri nenas nenek masak. bubur durian, cucur pisang, etc.
Oh, ayah pun tak beraya dengan kita orang tahun ni buat kali ke-2. Ayah, rinduuuuu. agaknya ayah raya kat Sibu kot tahun ni. Drive safe ayah. dah dah dah tamau sedih2 nanti kang batal pose aku. For whatever happens, I love my family and no matter what happen, i'll stay.

Selamat hari raya aidilfitri korang.Moga raya tahun ni meriah2 la ye? *aku tak tau nak cakap apa. Tunggu first day raya je lar*

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The thing that makes me go wild wilder wildest. Yes, Mr.Macs aren't human.

we are getting closer to the end of Ramadhan and still my appetite stays the same. Nothing changed. Starbucks, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Kolo Mee. ah demmit! apparently trying to lose weight in holy fasting month aren't my thing. gosh. people once told me this:-

If berulamkan air kosong je takkan kurus. kena jugak eksesais. -okay that was actually my inner self telling the real me to stop day dreaming. ada paham? fine. stop with the mumbling, Shana.

oh btw, macaroons caught my attention last few days to Starbucks and guess what, I'm dying to have them melting in my mouth. letting the taste buds pampered. *drooolllllssss*

speaking of which, one of boyfriend's friend are involved in home-based business selling macaroons. oh too bad she's quite far from me. kalau tak, aku rasa hari-hari kot aku pergi beli. muahahaa..buruk perangai. makan je keje aku. mana tak gumuks.

Ili Damia (the owner), the pretty lady from KL *i guess* is the person you should  purchase the macaroons from.not saying that the others does not satisfied the desire of having the perfect and best macaroons though but no offence, in my p.o.v Starbucks is still rated as 3/5 in my list. Damia Bites are located at Setiawangsa, Kuala Lumpur. But anyway, i don't think she will have any problems to send those cute fancy tasty macaroons to your door.

say whatever you want but i'm sticking to what i said unless they want to improve it though i must admit it's not that easy for us to please and meet people's standard.

As the tagline, 'A treat for any occasion suitable to your taste buds.' 

i'm pretty sure and i do believe that you need to taste them by yourself as me, myself will be getting mine soon. so, people do like this page alright and grab your chance bebeh! Damia Bites

see how cute they are? xD

suitable for any occasion
come with a simple cute see-through packaging making you feel like munching them all in seconds! *drools*

see? Lollipop pun boleh ni.. 

last but not least, to Ili sorry if promoting this without you knowing it in the first place. *jangan marah tau* nanti Shana purchase manyak2. :P 

Don't judge unless you know the stories

Off many things that I adore ♥

Nail colour,shades, hair of course!

I wanna kiss kiss my mom just like this. Awwwhhh :') 

Ili Damia, wait til I let my taste buds go wild wild wild soon. :D 

the hair the hair the hair. omg!

number 7 please for my dinner soon. Number 15 for everyday at the office. Number 9 for me to go out for a date with Mr.Awesome. number 10 for me at the beach. And oh finally, number 11 for my wedding day :)

Source: thestupidlies.tumblr.com

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

lumrah dan kudrat


aku bukan merungut jauh sekali menyesali. cuma ingin meluah. apa yang aku rasa yang terbuku di sudut hati kecil .kita manusia biasa yang punya banyak kelemahan daripada kelebihannya. juga selalu khilaf dan lupa diri akan tanggungjawabnya.ini bukan apa yang aku pinta bukan juga aku kira sebagai pilihan. ini apa yang aku kira sebagai ujian. bulan Ramadhan, lagi penuh dengan dugaan. kalau goyah, bergoyanglah bahtera. kalau patah sayap, tak mampulah terbang di udara. 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

time flies by but nothing big will change except for our age eh?

Ramadhan ke Syawal

time flies. dari bulan Ramadhan yang mulia ke bulan Syawal. kali ni semuanya aku rasakan sunyi. arwah nenek dah takde. ayah x sambut raya kali ni dengan ktaorang for the second year. aku tak tahu kenapa raya kali ni aku rasa sunyi sangat. rasa macam takde mood nak raya pun ada. tapi, bila aku tengok muka mummy, betapa bahagianya wajah yang bertemankan tangan yang sentiasa menguli tepung setiap kali raya, now the kitchen is hers again. :) ego ku menurun. aku jadi cair. aku tolong juga mummy di dapur. sekarang ni aku tak tahu berapa ramai anak gadis yang pergi dapur tolong ibu. lagi-lagi masa nak raya macam ni kan? untunglah bakal mertua. sejuk perut ibu mengandung ni. aku ni, seganas-ganas aku, serempit-rempit aku, aku pandai buat cake korang tahu? cookies pun aku pandai. cuma malas je. HAHA! tapi tu lar, kena ada kemahuan baru lah tangan aku bergerak kaki aku melangkah. *giggles* kalau tak, jangan harap lar ye?

Reports untuk L.I

Haaa...ni lagi satu benda aku kena settle cepat-cepat. kalau tak, naya. sekarang ni aku dah malas nak fikir pasal benda lain. nak fikir pasal report, pasal debate, pasal family aku. tapi aku takut semua ni buat aku jadi heartless lover balik. tahu tahu je aku dah berubah. tak lama mana pun, tak sampai satu tahun aku dah mula rasa nak give up. benda ni pulak kena ada 100% commitment and hardworking. tapi, macam aku tak tergerak langsung je nak habiskan cepat-cepat. mata aku pulak malam-malam sekarang cepat je nak tutup nak masuk layar bahtera nan indah. poyo je. pemalas betul. entah mana lah aku dapat penyakit nih.

Blog dan Perasaan

perasaan ni benda yang aku kira benda yang complicated. dulu, aku tak pernah nak fikir pun pasal benda ni. buat semak fikiran je. tapi sekarang, bila umur dah nak masuk 21 tahun aku rasa irritated/annoyed dengan diri sendiri yang tak pernah tak fikir pasal benda ni. menyampah mak nok..sekarang ni sampai dua blog aku buat. kadang-kadang tu aku rasa macam nak buat diri ni macam Prof Snape dalam Harry Potter series tu. Keras kat luar tapi dalam hati goyah. Tapi, bila dah jadi macam ni lak ada je orang tak puas hati. lagi lah aku menyampah dengan diri aku. ye tak? dah jadi myself karang, ada je orang nak aku berubah. takleh ke kalau aku jadi diri aku sendiri? nampak sangat kau orang tak terima aku seadanya kan?