Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My new life rocks!

Hello readers! As I have told you before that I finished my Diploma already, so I have lots of free time. I have applied for few places. Sidewalk Cafe, Basaga Hotel Residences, etc. I even tried to apply back at Starbucks. Unfortunately, they said that they cannot hire ex-partners anymore. :'( Yes, I was sad and disappointed. However, I am more motivated this time. Hence, I apply other places too.

So, yeah. Last two days, I have been accepted as a full-time waitress at Sidewalk Cafe. The place is quite far from my house but I do not concern about that. As long as I am working now, that would be fine for me. Working as the waitress is not that tiring during weekdays. More free time to take a sip of Ice Lemon Tea, the one that prepared by my boss Auntie Jess. Oh! Before I forget, I have four bosses now. All Chinese and they love to talk to me about the menu, tell me what I should do, tell me what to suggest to customer as most of them are those who comes from rich and all the taukeh2 people dine in the cafe. I have no problem working with Chinese because they are not that stingy when it comes to sharing knowledge and experiences! Except for I will be having trouble because I don't know how to speak Mandarin. Gahhh! I really need to learn how to speak Mandarin. Hehehe, but anyway it was nice serving people with different races and languages. Even the Japanese and European also come to our cafe, I tell you. *proud of myself*

Sidewalk Cafe serves alcohol drinks, ice blended and also normal beverages. We serve variety of choices of Western Food like pastas, steaks, lamb chop and I must admit all of them taste marvelous! I would love to recommend Rib Eye Ragout and T-bone Steak! T-bone Steak come with three choices of sauce; mushroom sauce, brown sauce and black pepper. Customer usually order mushroom sauce together with their steak. One of my bosses which I would refer as Kitchen Boss called Joely cooked them with passion and he will monitor the kitchen helper while they decorate your favorite meal! So, no worries yeah?

I got many benefits as I work here which that will be my secret. Kahkah. *evil laugh* Well, there will be one. My family will get 10% discounts if they eat here! :D Yeayyyy! Was planning of bringing mummy and daddy to eat here someday. :) Anak baik kan? Hehehehe.

I think I should go to sleep now. I need to work tomorrow before my off-day this Wednesday! Yeayyyyy! Can sleep all day! Oh yeah! I got another job interview as the receptionist this Wednesday morning. So, wish me good luck! I need all the prayers. Hehehe. :P

Good night peeps!


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